My little brother and I were swimming and my dad walked out and said “it’s trash day tomorrow you know what that means” and my brother looked at me dead in the eyes and said “it’s time for you to go.”

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I feel like we may be on to something

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I was tagged by mesokari to do this nifty handwriting thing!!

This is not a very accurate depiction of my handwriting, normally it’s actually impossible to read. (just try and read my notes from college, I dare you).

Anyway, I tagged ernobius, ralindin, theshadowsparade, ex5s3, ouiouibaguettes

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"Too many guys think I’m a concept, or I complete them, or I’m gonna make them alive. But I’m just a fucked-up girl who’s lookin’ for my own peace of mind; don’t assign me yours."

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 2004

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i’m cute as hell, which is incidentally where i came from

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get your game on
drive safe

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